Virtual Photography with Adobe Substance 3D

In 2019 Adobe acquired Algorithmics’ Substance family of tools. Now, Adobe has rebranded the core toolset of Painter, Designer, and Sampler into a new suite called Adobe Substance 3D. Originally, Substance software was commonly used in the 3D game industry, allowing 3D artists to paint on 3D models and create new textures from scratch. Think of Photoshop, but in 3D. In recent years, it has become more widely adopted by the film, automotive, and architectural industries.  

The newest and most exciting addition to the suite is called Adobe Substance 3D Stager. It is designed for Virtual Photography--building and staging 3D scenes that you can render out and use for product placement, among other things. Prior to the pandemic, companies hired photographers to take photos of their new products. They would then use photo editing software to create the final images. This approach has changed in response to the pandemic. Over the course of the last year, more companies and industries have begun creating 3D environments and renders to show off their newest products. Adobe’s Substance 3D even allows companies to begin marketing work on products that aren’t even made yet. While it has been possible to do this before with existing software, this product streamlines the process by making it easy to build realistic 3D scenes with smart tools for models and lighting. It also includes realistic 3D textures of cloth, brick, stone, wood, and other materials you might need to detail the environment. 

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