REWIND: “Creativity at Work” w/ Noah Scalin


“STORY”, an ongoing series hosted by Ann Yoders, tracks storytelling through the lens of diverse industries. As with many things, a look back revealed some fresh evolutions for today’s creative minds.


STORY hosted Noah Scalin, founder of Another Limited Rebellion, to discuss ways to keep the creative juices flowing. Noah gained international recognition for his “A Skull A Day” campaign where he created skulls out of any random item he could get his hands on. A lot of great tips and stories were shared – here are a few IMG takeaways.



Creativity is a Practice, Not a Talent

“No one expects to get on stage and perform a symphony if they have not been practicing for months, if not years. So why do we expect to be creative if we don’t continue to work on our craft” Noah said. Consistency is the key and the only way to get better is by doing.

Pick up a new hobby, renew an old one or try a Creative Sprint. Find an outlet that excites you and allows you to take a few minutes out of the day to just be creative.



Make More Snowballs!

“If you are trying to start an avalanche, you will have a better chance making a lot of imperfect snowballs than one perfect one”. Perfection takes time and it often stifles creativity. Sometimes the best work you do is done when you are strained for time or resources. Embracing restrictions and challenging yourself is occasionally a great way to inspire new ideas.


Trust the Process

Take risks. One of the hardest parts of thinking differently is sometimes making a fool of yourself. This act will push you to truly step outside of your “box”


“Fail Fast” – create something then build a strategy

Do something – even if it’s just a small experiment! Try an idea then mold it into something better, then change it again. Put something out there, learn from it, and build your strategy around your experience.


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